Hi, I'm Katie Jane and welcome to my blog!

I am a city girl, currently living and working in London. This blog is an informal (and hopefully interesting!) way to keep track of and share whatever I'm up to in my life.

I first dipped my toe into blogging right the way back in 2013. Originally, I started this blog as an 'open diary' - an accountable way through which I could write down and remember my own thoughts, whilst sharing and interacting with others. Now, I continue to write for the pure enjoyment and contrast it brings to my every day job.

The name 'Soup and Champagne' emerged from when I first started living in my own flat down in Putney. My little sister was staying with me for 'two weeks' (three months!) on my sofa and we were both living busy, corporate lives, arriving home late each night. To make things even more cramped, I was having my kitchen redone at the time, so our evening meal consisted of soup, heated up in a microwave which sat in the corner of the living room, on the floor. Not only that, but we'd go out most weeks to a restaurant opening or club night to sip champagne and eat canepés, the joke being that this was the only proper food we'd eat that week! Our lives at this point felt like something straight out of the opening of a chick flick. 

Nowadays, my little sis has moved out into her own place, my kitchen is fully functioning and I probably go 'out out' once a month, if that. However, the one thing that hasn't really changed is that my fridge is still very much only stocked with two things - soup and champagne. 

So settle down, grab a glass and enjoy!

Katie Jane x

Soup and Champagne was formally 'Katie's Rose Garden'.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to email me at: katiesrosegarden@gmail.com (Yes, I know, I should really update this... Sorry!)

Blog Ethics: Just a little note to say I will always let you know if I was invited to an event or gifted a product. All reviews and opinions are my own and I am not going to write positively about products or experiences I did not enjoy. I also employ minimal use of Ad Sense (in an non-annoying way I hope!). 

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