Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Portugal: Arriving in Lisbon

Whilst Jossi was over in the UK, we decided to use the time to see a bit of Europe neither of us had visited before. Therefore, one hasty plane ticket booking session later, we found ourselves on our way to Lisbon...

Travelling with Joss is always a bit of an adventure and this time was no different. This trip, our adventure started virtually the moment we got off the plane and onto the airport bus which, we had been assured by the very nice helpful bus information lady, would drop us no more than 3mins walk from our hotel.

The very nice helpful bus information lady was lying.

When we disembarked (after what had been a very scenic journey) we found ourselves at a busy roundabout with no buildings which looked quite like our hotel in sight.

Now, Lisbon is known as 'the city of seven hills' which, as you can imagine, doesn't make it sound very suitcase friendly. Whilst on the bus, Joss and I had joked among ourselves about how 'thank God we didn't have to walk up any of those hills today' as well as wondering whether we would be staying at the top of any of the giant hills in sight. Well, it turned out we were. And that the bus stop was most definitely at the bottom of said hill.

Needless to say, the next 25mins were not so much fun (3mins my arse!). The hill was definitely as steep as it looked and suddenly the invitingly sunny weather morphed into a blazing inferno. Suddenly I was incredibly glad that we were travelling only with hand luggage, despite the faff of having to fit all of my carefully selected toiletries into one tiny clear plastic bag....

We arrived at the Epic Sana Lisboa hotel finally and were greeted by incredulous looks from the staff ('You walked?! With all of that?!') and thankfully, a selection of small nibbles.

We got ourselves checked in and went to play with our room - I felt like I was in that movie 'The Holiday' when I discovered I could control three different sets of curtains with a switch from beside my bed!

Finally it was time to relax. Travelling with Joss is always an adventure, and a damn good one at that!

Apologies for the lack of photos in this post. Hills + Travelling = One very grumpy Katie

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