Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Slightly Delayed Mini Update: Promotion Celebrations and Chelsea in Bloom

So, I was on a bit of a roll with posting annndd thennnn.... Well, with Joss visiting and it being Summer, I may have got a little behind... Sorry!

Anyway, before getting into the meat of what I've been doing recently (or should I say 'cheese'? More later, I promise!) I thought I'd write a little update on something I'm really chuffed about - I got promoted!

<Queue wild whooping>

Okay, well, this actually happened a little while ago, but that doesn't stop me from still being happy about it!

Luckily for me, when I found out the good news my Mum happened to be in town and so we went back to an old favouite to celebrate - Rabbit on the King's Road.

Now, I'm fairly certain I've told you about Rabbit before (or Shed, its sister restaurant in Notting Hill?) but to recap, it's a lovely rustic restaurant that serves sharing plates for you and your dinner companions to fight over civilly share. (See the following photos for a quick taster.)

In my humble opinion, it's definitely worth a visit.

At the time of all this promotion malarkey, it also happened to be Chelsea in Bloom. This is an event which happens every year, coinciding with the Chelsea Flower Show, where shop fronts all around the Chelsea area deck themselves out with beautiful flower displays. Obviously then, we had a quick run around, trying to pick our favouite.

This little elephant duo nearly won the crown...

... but in the end, I loved this colourful giraffe just a bit more!

So there you have it, beautiful flowers and good food. What more could a girl want?


  1. the food looks absolutely amazing! and that giraffe - so cute!

  2. Congratulations on your promotion :)
    and how cute is that giraffe! and the berry pudding as well, looks delicious


    1. Thank you very much Jet :)
      The people who put together the giraffe must be so talented!

      KatieJane x


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